SEO for a recruitment company - Case Study

SEO for a recruitment company - Case Study

The owner of a new recruitment company was looking for an SEO specialist and contacted Filip. This work was actually funded by the Irish local enterprise office grant for digital marketing. When the grant ended we continued to work together on their SEO.

This is a pure SEO project with a focus on getting relevant organic traffic.

The website is very much content focused on blogging and providing useful information and generating successful candidates.
The Approach
The website and business is quite new, but is achieving impressive rankings despite Google favoring older, authoritative websites.
The owner has invested in good web design and good content writing. SEO's job would be to make an SEO strategy, analyse competition, do keyword research, technical site check and advise on content writing and link building opportunities.
The Process
Review the website, its rankings, pages, technical SEO limitations. Find out which keywords convert and what are the best keywords. Create a 6 month SEO plan of activities.
Look into niche link building. How can we get links from websites that are about our service.
What to focus on
Along with SEO a big focus was on user experience and monitoring user behavior when they browse the website or land on a landing page.
The website had great goal tracking (tracking who submitted their CV or job application) so we could make sense of which pages & keywords converted the most.
"Keywords Canibalisation" was a permanent problem with unwanted pages ranking for target keywords. 


This is an impressive project because it's a recruitment startup that is completely focused on digital to bring in leads - candidates.

The owner had previous experience working in digital so that made the understanding of SEO easier.

A lot of credit for success has to be given to the content writer who made very useful and honest posts about various topics we wanted to rank for.

Organic traffic from Google is by far the main source of traffic and CV's, so the site is very much reliant on SEO and it has to be ethical SEO because a ranking penalty could ruin the business.

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