SEO for  Bouncy Castle Company

SEO for a Bouncy Castle Company

he client: bouncy castle company was looking for SEO services to rank higher. 
They had some SEO done before, but are on ranking on position 11/12 (second page) for the main keywords: "bouncy castle hire" in their location.
Services provided:


  • Analysing competitors: what kind of websites do they use, design, content, backlinks, metadata for SEO. It does look like a lot of bouncy castle companies use similar website templates from a bouncy castle web design company. 

  • There is plenty of competition but all have similar sites, content and links. This is an industry standard, so we need to find ways to get an even a small advantage in SEO compared to other bouncy castle firms. 

  • There are areas to improve: home content, internal linking from product pages, possible blogs, creating links like the one that ranks on top for bouncy castle hire have, google my business optimisation and getting more reviews.

Backlink Audit

Backlinks are scarce in this industry or in any small business industry. You have to rely on low quality, manual links and as many as you can find.

Technical SEO Audit

Technically the site is ok, it's not WordPress so it doesn't allow for a lot of customisation.

Content Audit

Content should make a difference. Your homepage content is most important and you want SEO content that is also engaging.

SEO Results

Here is a screenshot from Google search console tool, showing the "average ranking position" growth in the last 6 months for the "bouncy castle hire" keyword.
The website now ranks 3rd on Google, coming from position 11. (2nd page) after just 4 months!

It is important to rank in the top 3 results, especially since a lot of bouncy castle businesses look the same. 

The client is happy because: 

1. Has high booking occupancy now.
2. The client paused PPC ads because of the number of calls they get organically.
3. Can expect a steady ranking position in the future. With some SEO guidance and maintenance, the positions shouldn't drop in this industry.
4. They didn't spend a ton of money on SEO.

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