SEO for an Irish Small Business - Case Study

SEO for an Irish Small Business - Case Study

A client had a typical story: they have a nice new site, but they barely get any traffic or leads through it. This is often the case with small businesses. The client was open to any approach we suggest to help them get more traffic. There is nothing better than an open-minded client that trusts you from the start.
Services provided:
The Approach:
We talked to the client about their business focus, competitors, and what would they like to get out of digital marketing. Getting leads for their specific services in engineering was the main goal of course.
After analysing their website, we noticed they don't really rank at all in Google for their target keywords.
We proposed SEO and some PPC service and implemented conversion tracking in Analytics. We set up an option to track contact forms, email, phone clicks on the website. This way we can attribute conversions to our online campaigns.
The Process:
We analysed their website for SEO (rankings, technical issues), their competitors and the general online space in the industry.
We looked at what kind of websites rank on top for their target keywords, who uses PPC ads, what kind of content ranks well etc.
What to focus on:
We focused on the main keywords the business wants to get leads for. These are not high volume keywords, but they do have plenty of competition.
With PPC ads we wanted to avoid informational clicks and encourage only people who are looking to hire the services to click on ads. We had a very "call to action" focused ad text for that reason.
SEO wise we suggest to the client what content to write to get higher rankings. We focused a lot on Google my business and getting new reviews. After a couple of months, the business had the most reviews in Google compared to the competition in Ireland.

The Result

As you can see the website had little or no traffic before. Traffic was 90% brand traffic. After SEO work that started in August 2020 traffic has picked up dramatically. The website began to rank for new keywords, the most important target keywords.
We are seeing a steady influx of organic free traffic since January 2021 and onwards and for the first time leads are contacting the business weekly!
(above) organic impressions form Google search console. Shows how often the site appeared in Google search results for their keywords
(above) organic traffic from Google Analytics

Backlink Audit

As is the case with a lot of small businesses, links from other sites and mentions are hard to come by. We created new business listings and made suggestions where they can get good links and mentions from.

PPC Setup

After the inital keyword research we wanted to make ads that have a strong call to action to avoid "informational clicks". We want to minimise clicks from people who are not looking to hire the service.

Content Audit

The site needed new and informational content. There are no SEO rankings without content writing. We suggested what to write about to the owner as they are the experts in their field.

This is a great example of creating something out of nothing. The site didn't have any online presence in Google before.

Now with a well optimised SEO and PPC the site can get leads and traffic on its own.

The niche wasn't so competitive online (content isn't that well optimised for SEO, not many companies do PPC), which made things easier, but one would expect every niche to get more online competitive as years go by.

We have seen Google more than before try to show ads for keywords we are not targeting so some time has to be put at monitoring the PPC campaigns. With SEO rankings change (depends on each keyword) so that has to be monitored if a solid drop in rankings happens.

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